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We want enchant your internet experience!
With this addon for the New Tab and Startpage we get even more out of your browser. Sit back and relax while surfing. Enjoy the travel to other beautiful places.

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That's in your suitcase .

These tools we packed for you in your suitcase. Every New Tab a little journey :-)

Search Bar

The Google Search Bar. Your New Tab is ready to search the whole web.


Don't forget Bookmarks. On your trip known places always there.


Check on your travel the weather at home. Don't forget your sunglasses.


Beautiful places and creatures. Every New Tab your travel goes to another location.


We have packed you a dictionary. Anytime, anywhere accessible.


Every journey is over someday. Check your dates and stay up to date.

Notepad . Todo

Don't forget to bring your friends a nice gift. Write it down in your Notes.


Your journey can be long. Divide your money well. We packed you a calculator :-)

We have magic & tools . 100% Free

We take you on our journey into the distance. On this trip you will find well-known in your suitcase. Search Bar, Bookmarks, Weather of any location.

. Integrated Translator, Calculator, Calendar and Notepad .

Chrome & Firefox . Ready

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. It's Magic . It's Easy . It's Free . It's Beautiful . It's Usefull . IT'S FOR YOU .

Feel Free To Contact Us. Tell Us About Your Journey, Your Wishes, Your Instincts.


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 4    "Ok" . quickly pack your stuff . you are now part of our journey :-)

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